KEP Cromo 2.0 Polish - Black
KEP Cromo 2.0 Polish - Black
KEP Cromo 2.0 Polish - Black
KEP Cromo 2.0 Polish - Black
KEP Cromo 2.0 Polish - Black
KEP Cromo 2.0 Polish - Black
KEP Cromo 2.0 Polish - Black
KEP Cromo 2.0 Polish - Black

KEP Cromo 2.0 Polish - Black

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Cromo 2.0 polish metal Black helmet, peak, grid and chin strap, Chrome Frame and subgrid.


100% designed and made in Italy. The CROMO 2.0 model is the evolution of the Cromo helmet. Also available in different finishes and colour variations, CROMO 2.0 gives the rider access to further independent customization options, even after purchase.

An innovative mechanical interlocking system allows the rider to replace both the front and rear inserts and the visor in just few simple steps. The outer shell is both lightweight and resistant thanks to the polycarbonate in-moulding design. The aggressive and elegant ventilation grille is available with both colour contrast and tone-on-tone finishes. The KEP AIR CONTROL SYSTEM is enhanced with additional ventilation slits at the back, to ensure greater breathability and better internal temperature control. The hand-stitched genuine leather strap maintains the five attachment points for a more stable fit. The new padding, with improved comfort and breathability, is in soft fabric made from eco-green raw materials. It can still be removed and hand washed or machine washed at 30°.

You can customize your unique helmet with gorgeous freehand airbrushing or other techniques. CROMO 2.0 is fitted with an integrated microchip, positioned under the front insert, to which you can upload the rider's health details using the KEP App. In case of need, this can help speed up the provision of first aid.


CROMO 2.0 is a revolutionary experience in terms of use and wearability: new helmet design for use in different disciplines, maximum ventilation inside the shell, greater protection, integrated CHIP, exclusive design genuine leather chinstrap.



The first equestrian helmet with an integrated IoT technology. CROMO 2.0 can increase first aid procedures efficiency due to an integrated NFC device, placed under the front panel. The NFC device is connected to the Kep App, where the rider can upload health information and an emergency number. Rescue workers will consequently have easy access to information by placing a mobile device near the helmet. 


The peak can be easily removed and changed by the customer who can switch from jumping to polo or dressage, from jockey to cross or urban mobility easily. Front and rear panels as well as frame & grid can be removed and replaced by the rider, choosing between numerous combinations of colours and materials, following daily mood.


The unique Kep Italia style, made of clean lines and essential geometries, is enhanced with a new ventilation grille, with an aggressive but at the same time elegant design, available with both contrasting and tone-on-tone finishes. The KEP Air Control System is enriched with additional slits at the back, ensuring maximum breathability and better control of internal temperatures.


The new chinstrap, made of technical materials and real leather, shaped in a single piece, has 5 attachment points and it highlights the quality and elegance of the helmet.



Selected materials and innovative design exclude the use of synthetic glues. The new inner pad, even more comfortable and breathable, is made of soft fabric from eco-green raw materials. The new Cromo 2.0 protective bag is made with Newlife garment that transform top quality recycled material without the use of chemicals, thanks to a 100% Made in Italy and fully traceable production process. 


KEP ITALIA suppliers and materials are strictly selected in Italy to regularly monitor the entire supply chain and grant the highest quality standards. High-quality raw materials are certified 100% Made in Italy. This certification provides consumers with the guarantee on the Italian origin and the quality of purchased products.

Conforms to Australian Standards: Australia and New Zealand: ASTM: F1163-15 or UNI EN 1384: 2012 and document VG1 01.040 2014-12

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