Kep Helmet Textile Cromo 2 Glitter Front Panel in Black

Kep Helmet Textile Cromo 2 Glitter Front Panel in Black

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Ensuring the maximum safety of riders and riders is the main objective of our activity, our daily priority.


Our riding helmets are based on only carefully selected materials to guarantee the highest quality standards.
Laser-perforated steels, very light but at the same time extremely resistant honeycomb structures, aluminium, carbon, DDQ stainless steel, Kevlar, polycarbonate, technological, hypoallergenic and antistatic fabrics: excellent materials for superior helmets.

Helmets designed to guarantee maximum wearability and maximum protection, thanks to the shape of the shell and the range of internal padding designed for the different morphologies of the head.
The perfect fit depends on the internal padding, which determines the correct size. Removable and washable, the padding is available in a summer version, lighter and more breathable, and in a winter version with integrated ear pads. 
For the little ones it is possible to replace the internal shell as they grow without having to replace the entire helmet.

The strap, a decisive element for the safety of the helmet, is made of soft and resistant eco-leather and subjected to specific tests that verify its resistance to traction, exerted in the event of a fall from a horse. 
The five anchoring points on the shell ensure that the helmet does not come off the head during a fall, continuing to protect the rider until impact with the ground and beyond.
It is essential to always fasten the strap buckle and adjust it correctly so that it is not loose under the chin.

The flexible visor represents an important safety element of helmets: thanks to its elasticity and flexibility, the visor does not become a rigid extension of the helmet that could hit and injure or represent a rigid point of impact in the event of a frontal fall. In this way it limits the absorption of the impact of the head. 
The elongated neck roll guarantees greater protection of the back of the head.

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