Kentucky Short Anatomic Girth

Kentucky Short Anatomic Girth

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Kentucky Horsewear Anatomic Short Girth is designed to follow the contours of a horses shape. As a result the Anatomic Short Girth offers both excellent comfort and freedom of movement.

Elasticated at both ends. The short girth distributes pressure evenly across the horse’s girth line, whilst freeing up pressure behind the elbow. The girth will not pinch the horse. The elastic offers great strength in the girth, by using triple layered elastic straps, which therefore holds the girth in position and reduces slip from the girth line.

Fitted with a D-Ring and also a leather buckle. This allows you to attach a breastplate or other schooling equipment securely to the girth. T

The Kentucky Horsewear Anatomic Short Girth is made from artificial leather and is also filled with shock absorbing EVA foam. This continues Kentucky’s policy of being 100% Animal Friendly.

Points to remember about the Kentucky Anatomic Short Girth.

– Anatomical shape. Improves movement of the horse.
– Elasticated at both ends. This distributes pressure evenly.
– Strong and firm three double elastics. Reduces girth slipping.
– D-ring and Buckle allows attachment of a breastplate to the girth
– Shock absorbing EVA protective inner.
– Artificial leather. Easy to clean and maintain.
– Machine washable at 30° (no dryer).

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