KENT AND MASTERS Flat Backed GP Saddle

KENT AND MASTERS Flat Backed GP Saddle

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Slightly more forward-cut flaps than the Cob GP, so perfect for riders of horses with a low-withered, flat-backed conformation who want to enjoy a little more jumping or even hunting. Also suitable for horses with slightly more wither and an average barrel, such as Warmbloods.

  • Slightly more forward-cut flaps than the Cob GP, making this saddle a better option for jumping.
  • Velcro knee rolls and calf blocks under the flap which can be positioned to suit your leg length and position - particularly useful when shortening your stirrups to jumping length.
  • Low-headed and flatter tree shape to follow the low-withered flat-backed profile.
  • Four girthing options which allow saddle stability to be optimised instantly (see girthing options below).

All Kent & Masters saddles share the features below

All Kent & Masters saddles benefit from the following features:

For details of fitting features specific to individual saddles, see the ‘fitting solution’ section

handmade in walsallHandmade in Walsall

We have been making saddles at our workshop in the West Midlands for more than 25 years. Our skilled craftsmen are qualified Master Saddlers who use traditional saddle-making techniques to ensure each and every saddle is made with consistency, care, love and attention to detail.


Design know-how

Our in-house design team includes riders who have competed internationally, qualified saddle fitters, technical specialists and experienced horsemen. This unique combination of talent, expertise and experience allows us to produce saddles for horses and riders of every shape at every level.


changeable gullet barsChangeable gullet bar

A changeable gullet bar allows you or your saddle fitter to modify the width of the saddle’s gullet to suit the horse’s wither profile as the horse changes shape with either exercise, muscle development, maturity or rest. There are 8 options in the short S-bar and 7 in the long R-bar.

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