Giddy up Girl Kitty Riding Jacket
Giddy up Girl Kitty Riding Jacket
Giddy up Girl Kitty Riding Jacket
Giddy up Girl Kitty Riding Jacket
Giddy up Girl Kitty Riding Jacket
Giddy up Girl Kitty Riding Jacket

Giddy up Girl Kitty Riding Jacket

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Designed to exceed your expectations and make a statement in the show ring.

We understand that quality and affordability are paramount, which is why we are thrilled to offer you a jacket that rivals those priced at $300+ elsewhere. Our commitment to delivering exceptional value means you can enjoy the finest craftsmanship without breaking the bank.

The Kitty Hunter Show Jacket is tailored from a lightweight fabric, specially chosen to suit the demands of Australian riding.  With our dedication to getting the right cut, this jacket flatters the figure and accentuates your confidence as you ride.

We take pride in the exquisite details that set our jacket apart. The super popular brown foxhead buttons add a touch of sophistication and elegance, elevating your overall look to new heights. As a special bonus, we include a few spare buttons, ensuring you're always prepared for any last-minute adjustments.

When paired with our cream & brown 2-tone Garland jodhpurs & Zoe Ruffle Show Shirt, the Kitty Hunter Show Jacket creates a stunning ensemble that will turn heads in admiration. The combination of these three remarkable pieces showcases your impeccable taste and attention to detail. And if you're riding a Bay horse, prepare to be mesmerized by the captivating synergy between the jacket and your equine partner, creating a picture-perfect harmony that catches the eye of judges and spectators alike.

Embrace the opportunity to dress for success and choose the Kitty Hunter Show Jacket as your ultimate companion for the show season. Revel in its quality, affordable price, and exquisite design. It's time to showcase your rider's undeniable talent and style, leaving an indelible mark in the competitive equestrian world.

Invest in excellence and trust our brand to deliver exceptional performance apparel that surpasses expectations. The Kitty Hunter Show Jacket is your key to achieving both style and success, ensuring your rider stands out in the arena while feeling comfortable and confident. Experience the winning combination of quality, affordability, and sophistication.

  • Light brown with brown & cream check -  perfect with our cream or garland 2-tone show jods
  • Cream trim
  • Hand wash but dry clean recommended
  • Low crush
  • Perfected fit
  • 2 functional front pockets
  • Pocket flaps can be worn in or out
  • Light weight Polyester fabric
  • Brown Fox Head buttons with 2 spares attached

We have allowed some space at the button so you can adjust the sizing by moving them in or out.  

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