Tech Stirrups Venice Evo Sloped
Tech Stirrups Venice Evo Sloped
Tech Stirrups Venice Evo Sloped
Tech Stirrups Venice Evo Sloped
Tech Stirrups Venice Evo Sloped
Tech Stirrups Venice Evo Sloped

Tech Stirrups Venice Evo Sloped

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The inclination and the concave conformation of the grip allow to maintaing a better position to the foot.

The stirrups Venice Sloped has been produced with a 3° angle inclination of the tread to provide more stability.


The stirrups “Venice” have a revolutionary magnetic mechanism positioned on the tread that allows, in case of need, the opening of a ring portion, making easy the escape of the foot; after which the mobile part automatically returns to its original position.

The mobile part is hooked to the tread and joined to the ring by a magnet that does not allow it to move during the work but allows it to open only if a certain weight load is exceeded.

As all the PATENTED Tech Stirrups are entirely produced in Italy. They are made from aluminum billet and fitted with stainless blocked screws. They are treated with a 20 micron anodization to preserve the aesthetic quality.

3 year warrenty


- Weight: 400gr;

- Tread size: 125 mm long x 65 mm wide (4 – 3/4”);

The grip, thanks to its aggressive design, prevents the accumulation of mud and water, allowing perfect grip.

The stirrup leather slot conformation, is made to maintain the stirrups in a position that can be easily worn.

After several tests, made both on the weight and on the structure, the Tech Stirrups were balanced so that, in case of loss of the stirrup during the riding, they tend to flap as few as possible on the body of the horse, comparing them to the same kind of stirrups that are on the market in this moment.

Moreover, in order not to injure the horse, and to avoid the damage of the tack, the back side of the treads has been rounded and all the edges have been smoothened. The Tech Stirrups grip has the characteristic to avoid the dirt to accumulate and to be particularly efficient even when wet.

The aesthetic of the Tech Stirrups has been cured in the smallest details, all the milling have been made with high speed CNC machineries, set up with CAD- CAM in order to obtain precious finishing; even the screws have been built in so that they won’t stick out. The Tech Stirrups are produced with certificated materials and packed into recyclable carton boxes.

Before packaging, all the rings are subjected to a stress test.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Olivia Carter
Tech Stirrups

I really love these stirrups as I have a young horse starting up and I feel really safe in them if anything happens. I love the colours and they always look very cool to have on my saddle. They are so comfy to ride in and the grip and the slope has really improved my riding for a better seat. Love love love these stirrups and will definitely be getting some more.

Tracy Dunbar
Great stirrups!

I love my new stirrups! Comfortable and I feel secure when riding in them and they look great!

Kyla Hamblyn
Best stirrups ever

We have 6 pairs of these stirrups and cannot rate them high enough

Shaina Pinn
Best stirrups

I love these stirrups this is my second pair love the wide stirrup base

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