New Crafty Ponies Grooming Set

New Crafty Ponies Grooming Set

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Crafty Ponies! Love ponies, play and learn with this fabulous educational pony set

Your pony mad children will love the luxuriously soft and cuddly pony and you will enjoy watching them learn and practice plaiting up and grooming the pony just like a real pony!

After grooming their pony your children can learn and practice dressage with your choice of girl or boy rider.

The fully illustrated booklets have been written by a riding school instructress to show children how to groom and care for the pony, how to plait, how to practice dressage and the pony even has his own passport booklet!

There are hours of fun and learning with the Crafty Ponies ‘Groom a Pony, dressage and stable set’.

Includes: Pony, rider, grooming kit, dressage arena/field, stable, rope halter, all instruction booklets

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