Acavallo Modigliani Jump Saddle
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Acavallo Modigliani Jump Saddle

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  • Double premium aniline full-grain calfskin leather
  • MAG System®
  • Composite tree
  • Latex panels*
  • Safe impact band
  • Detachable front/rear blocks

* Also available with Integrated flocked panels


The Evolution of Horse Riding

Key point of the Acavallo saddle line is the revolutionary adjustment system of the opening for the withers. It works with a simple and intuitive turn of an allen key to perfectly adapt the saddle to the anatomy of the horse. This is possible thanks to an innovative toothed mechanism positioned inside of the saddle tree. The patent pending system allows the rider to choose the best saddle position.

Unimaginable up to now with conventional saddles.

Four simple movements to adjust the gullet

1) Insert the MAG key

2) Turn counterclockwise making a maximum of three turns

3) Adjust the opening of the saddle tree on the horse’s whiters

4) Turn clockwise ensuring complete closure

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