DeNiro Size Chart/Measuring Info

Measuring for DeNiro tall boots

Each boot manufacturer has different techniques for measuring, so please carefully read the instructions below when measuring for DeNiro boots. 

Measuring tips to get the best fit:

  • wear your usual breeches and socks
  • don't measure first thing in the morning as your legs often swell during the day
  • compare your tape measure against a ruler to check accuracy as occasionally they stretch over time


DeNiro boots are made in European shoe sizes. You can check some of the footwear you own, most will have the European sizing on the tag. 


In a standing position with your feet flat to the floor, have a friend or family member measure the widest part of your calf. Make sure to measure both calves as the measurements may differ. It is best to take multiple measurements & go with the largest one.


Have your friend or family member measure from the crease at the back of the knee directly down to where your heel reaches the floor. We find it best to bend your leg at the angle that you ride with as people that ride with a short stirrup prefer a shorter boot. Our most popular height is MC.

As you break your new boots in, the overall height of the boot will decrease slightly. This expected drop is about 2cm. Some people prefer to factor in for this when measuring for new boots, otherwise they may end up being too short once they are broken in. While the boots are breaking in, you can purchase heel lifts to help alleviate rubbing at the back of your knee.

Once you have your shoe size, width and height measurements, use the DeNiro size chart below to find your size.

Can’t find your size?

If your shoe size, width and height measurements don’t match up with the options, DeNiro boots are able to be custom made to your measurements for an additional cost.

Made to measure with additional measurements is also available if you have had surgery or an injury to your feet or lower legs that has caused a change of shape, or you prefer a fully customised fit.